Advent Devotionals - December 5th

“O people of Sion, behold, the Lord is nigh at hand to redeem the nations: and in the gladness of your heart the Lord shall cause his glorious voice to be heard. Hear, O thou Shepherd of Israel: thou that leadest Joseph like a sheep.”
We are familiar with the phrase, “Hindsight is 20/20”. It is only once we can look back knowing the truth that so many things become clear. That tiny clue that we didn’t notice at the time now seems so obvious!

We read this combination of Old Testament readings (Isaiah and Psalms) and we clearly see Jesus. Jesus is “nigh at hand to redeem”. Jesus is the “Shepherd of Israel”. But, Hindsight is 20/20.
Isaiah is speaking of God the Father coming to save the people of Israel. The Psalmist is speaking of God the Shepherd who will bring the Israelites into the nation. Neither are speaking of Jesus.

Yet, they are. That is the glory of Scripture and what we call Typology. When the Old Testament is directly referring to something that is to happen in the New Testament.

Here is the main thing to gain from this Introit on this Monday in Advent II; what God has done for us and what he will do for us is part of a Divine plan. It was by His power and knowledge that the economy of Salvation has been set.

When we read the Old Testament, we see the mercy and salvation of God given to us. It cannot be ignored or forgotten. God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son. But he also loved us so much that he began his plan to save us from the beginning.

Jesus is nigh at hand to redeem and he will lead us as the Good Shepherd. May we be ready to receive that salvation given to us.

Fr. Spencer Stubblefield

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