Is it time for a sanctuary to be built?

With the help of our consultant, Greg Holt, from JD Klote & Associates, we are in the process of discerning if the time is right to move toward the construction of the Sanctuary.  In order to do that, we need to hear from you!  We are conducting Focus Groups in order to hear from you.  These are short (no more than an hour) information meetings with a visual presentation that celebrates our past and present, and dreams of our future.  You will get to see fun pictures from our past, along with exciting tentative drawings from our architect that show what the Sanctuary can look like.  

Please join us!

You can attend in-person, or by watching a video of the presentation then filling out a questionnaire online.  The schedule and video presentation are below.
After watching the video, a link to the questionnaire can be found below the video.

Tuesday, July 19 at 1pm (Fellowship Hall)
Sunday, July 24 at 9am (Conference Room)
Sunday, July 24 at 11:30am (Fellowship Hall)
Wednesday, July 27at 7pm (Fellowship Hall)