Children's Ministry

Our Children's Ministry (PreK-5th grade) is built around our conviction that learning and worship go together. Our desire is not just to hand on information to our kids nor just to entertain them. We want to form our kids; we want to hand along patterns of Christian practice; we want them to develop habits of Christian believing that last a lifetime. When we worship, we are formed. That is why learning and worship go together. 

Our children begin their worship in the Children's Chapel of the Christian Education building.  There they do their own interactive liturgy, followed by an engaging lesson in the Scriptures. They do activities and crafts that reinforce the truth of God's Word. Throughout the year they are working on committing the fundamentals of the Christian faith to memory--the Lord's Prayer, the Ten Commandments, the Books of the Bible, the Nicene Creed and much more! Not to mention, our Children's Ministry is staffed by a committed group of Christian men and women.

Additionally, we have a check in/out policy for all of our children and a two adult policy for every Sunday School class. We take safeguarding God's children very seriously.

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Watch the video below to learn about our exciting new curriculum, The Gospel Project. Our kids will be learning the big story of the Bible.