Confident christianity

April 28 - may 26


This six study series explores Paul’s letter to the Christians in Colossae, Christians who were falling prey to false teaching enticing them to add to Jesus’ finished work on the Cross. Paul understood that in order to mature as followers of Jesus, we need to resist these false teachings and be confident about the true identity of Christ and about the work He has done. When we rest in Christ and the reality that He is all we need, we can grow into spiritual maturity as fruitful and Confident Christians.  

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Sermon-based Small Groups

We believe that we grow best as disciples when we are in genuine, life-giving relationships with others. So, at Trinity we offer seasonal, sermon-based small groups. What are they? They are small groups that gather to share life together, to discuss the Christian life, to encourage one another along the way and to go deeper with the Sunday sermon. 

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