Part one: the apostle

Series starts January 12

Our newest series follows up on the study of the Twelve Disciples with an exploration of the Apostle to the Gentiles: Paul.  In Part One, we will get to know Paul the Apostle, the man who was transformed from destroyer of the Church to Apostle to the Gentile world.  As we explore his life, we will continue to learn how we are called to live and grow as disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ. Part Two will begin in Easter Season as we explore Paul the Teacher.   

The series begins the week of January 12, 2020. 

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Sermon-based Small Groups

We believe that we grow best as disciples when we are in genuine, life-giving relationships with others. So, at Trinity we offer seasonal, sermon-based small groups. What are they? They are small groups that gather to share life together, to discuss the Christian life, to encourage one another along the way and to go deeper with the Sunday sermon. 

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