the twelve disciples

Ordinary people ~ extraordinary things

September 29 - November 10

Most people know the disciples Peter, James, and John, and most know at least a little bit about them. But what about the rest of the disciples Jesus chose? Clearly, as those chosen by Jesus, their lives can teach us about what Jesus is looking for in, and from, His disciples. Join us for this seven week sermon-based small group teaching series as we explore the lives of the twelve ordinary men Jesus chose and learn how He transforms ordinary people to do extraordinary things. 

The series begins the week of September 29 and runs through the week of November 10. 

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Sermon-based Small Groups

We believe that we grow best as disciples when we are in genuine, life-giving relationships with others. So, at Trinity we offer seasonal, sermon-based small groups. What are they? They are small groups that gather to share life together, to discuss the Christian life, to encourage one another along the way and to go deeper with the Sunday sermon. 

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