healing the hunger of our hearts

January 20 - february 24


We live in a society that thrives on discontent. Through a multitude of

different ways—advertising, celebrity gossip, makeover shows—people make

money out of other people’s discontent. It’s no surprise then that we all

know what it is to lack contentment in our lives—with what we have, how

much we can get, what we do, who we live with, what we are like and

what the future promises.

The constant hunger for something more may seem like the aches and pains

of growing old—something that we must just put up with in this far-from perfect world. But the Bible also shows that discontent is the symptom of a  lethal disease that will kill us if we do not find a cure. It was discontent that first led humans into rebellion against God, with the catastrophic

consequences that have followed from that decision.

Even when we come to know God as our loving Father through Jesus Christ,

one of the Christian’s greatest struggles is fighting the temptation to be

discontent. The stakes are high—a discontent Christian will become a

negative influence on other Christians, a poor witness for the Lord Jesus

Christ, depressed and resentful towards God and distracted from the gospel.

Ultimately, discontent in the church leads to false teaching and loss of faith. 

Yet Jesus Christ promises that anyone who believes in Him will never again

hunger or thirst. The apostle Paul was able to say that he had learned the

secret of being content in any and every situation—in need or in plenty.

Discontent is a problem of our hearts, not our circumstances. This Good

Book Guide can help us to understand why we become discontented, how

Jesus Christ alone can help us, and on a practical level, how Christian living

can bring the treasure of contentment to our daily lives.

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