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There is more space given in Scripture to the story of David than any other biblical character.  His life is given a great deal of detail, covering several Old Testament books.  His life covers it all: from spiritual heights to spiritual depths, from a man of virtue to a moral mess in a matter of verses.  Perhaps, though, that is why he is so well know and beloved.  He is not so different from us.  His life looks familiar. 

Above all else, David's life teaches us how to live well with God. He is a broken man, but beneath the brokenness, he is a man after God's own heart.  In his story, we see how God chose an ordinary man and cultivated something extraordinary out of him.  In a world that puts so much weight on being important, David's life reminds us that our God delights in working in and through the ordinary.

This short six-week study will look at six stories from the life of David and examine how our stories, like David's, are filled with the story of God's work in our hearts and lives. 

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Sermon-based Small Groups

We believe that we grow best as disciples when we are in genuine, life-giving relationships with others. So, at Trinity we offer seasonal, sermon-based small groups. What are they? They are small groups that gather to share life together, to discuss the Christian life, to encourage one another along the way and to go deeper with the Sunday sermon. 

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