Manifesting Jesus to the World

Lessons in Discipleship

As we engage the readings of Epiphany through the lens of discipleship, we will find deep insights into the life of a disciple.  Without giving too much away, we will find that a disciple is called to be transformed and grow in the image of Christ and is enabled and empowered to join in Jesus’ mission.  As we faithfully live this life of discipleship, we will find that it is Jesus Himself who is made manifest to the world through the Church.

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Sermon-based Small Groups

We believe that we grow best as disciples when we are in genuine, life-giving relationships with others. So, at Trinity we offer seasonal, sermon-based small groups. What are they? They are small groups that gather to share life together, to discuss the Christian life, to encourage one another along the way and to go deeper with the Sunday sermon. 

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