Sermon-Based Small Groups

What do Small Groups look like at Trinity?

Small Groups are communities. They a great way to grow in your faith and a great way to connect on a deeper level. We hear over and over again from Small Group members that they have a deep sense of belonging.

These groups are seasonal. They don't meet year-round but weekly during certain seasons, for instance September-November, January to February and just after Easter. This means you aren't signing away every Monday or Wednesday for the rest of you life! Small Group won't overcrowd your schedule.

These groups are sermon-based. You won't be hearing a sermon on one thing on Sunday and discussing a completely different thing in Small Group. Instead, the Small Group discussion is designed to take the sermon topic and go deeper with it.

What if you don't click with a particular group? Try another one, with no questions asked. We realize that not every group is a good fit for every person. Feel free to try different groups until you find the one that fits for you.