Healing COnference

Join us for a day of learning to lean into God's power and authority to bless others.

Two world renowned speakers will be teaching on a variety of topics concerning healing. Please purchase your ticket to confirm your spot today.

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Topics Covered:

How to Pray for Physical healing

The Role of Faith and Authority

Understanding our Authority in Christ

Discernment: How to Hear from God

Timothy Berry

In 2006 the Lord launched Timothy into an international ministry where he began to travel in the U.S. and many other nations to preach the Gospel of the Kingdom. Timothy has seen Jesus save, heal and deliver thousands of people through his extensive travels. Along with a strong gift for healing, Timothy is also known for his ministry of God’s love and fire with an anointing to teach Scripture with practical application that helps equip others to minister more effectively. He preaches a powerful message about the love of God resulting in many receiving a personal breakthrough with the power of the Holy Spirit.

Mike Evans

Mike Evans is the Founder and Director of Wholeness Ministries located in Bakersfield, CA. Mike is a graduate of Golden Gate University and earned his Masters Degree in Christian Education at Mennonite Brethren Biblical Seminary and was ordained in 1982. Mike was an associate pastor from 1976 to 1994 at Bakersfield Christian Life Center. In 1989 Mike founded Wholeness Ministries. Our purpose and mission is to continue Jesus’ work by praying for healing and training and equipping believers to effectively minister to those in need of healing, in the physical, emotional and spiritual areas of their lives. Using his book Learning To Do What Jesus Did, Mike and his team have ministered healing in Kuwait, Qatar, N.Ireland, England, Puerto Rico, Hungary, Romania, India, Korea and extensively throughout the United States.