Adam, Eve & Evolution

The all-too common narrative is that Christianity and science are at odds with one another. The popular imagination harks back to the seventeenth century when the church subjected Galileo to the Roman inquisition on a charge of heresy. This less-than-stellar episode in the church's history is the mold into which many force the current conversation between Christianity and science regarding creation and evolution. Science is ever progressing and advancing our knowledge of origins; while the church is recalcitrant, regressive and dogmatic. Or so goes the narrative.

Adam, Eve & Evolution will challenge this narrative. The goal will be to discover a fruitful dialogue between faith and science. The class will explore the history of Christian responses to science. It will examine contemporary attempts to reconcile the witness of Scripture and the results of scientific inquiry. It will ask hard questions of both Scripture and Science. 

Starting the week of August 27th there will be two class offerings: Sunday mornings at 9 AM and Tuesday evenings at 7 PM. The class will run for five weeks.

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Adam, Eve & Evolution Audio