THe Anglican Way

Starting on Sunday, June 5, we will be offering a course called The Anglican Way. This is part of a Doctor of Ministry program for Fr. Karl, and he will be evaluating the effectiveness of Sunday Eucharist and the Daily Office in spiritual growth.

In The Anglican Way Course, participants will be asked to consider committing to:

  • Participate (as much as possible) in Sunday Eucharist from June 5 to August 7
  • Keep the Daily Office of either Morning or Evening Prayer (as much as possible) from June 5 to August 7
  • Attend The Anglican Way Class on Sunday mornings (or via video) from June 5 to July 3

The Classes will meet on Sunday mornings from 9:15-10:15 in the Junior High building from June 5 to July 3. Classes will explore the content and shape of the Sunday Eucharist and the Daily Offices of Morning and Evening Prayer. Topics like:

  • What do our services say and mean? 
  • What is the theology being communicated through our services?  
  • Why are our services ordered the way they are?  
  • Why do we sit, stand, kneel, bow, and cross ourselves?  
  • Much more!

As a part of Fr. Karl’s evaluation, people will be asked to consider voluntarily participating in a confidential survey before and after the ten week commitment.

To watch the most recent video recording of the class, click the button below:

To download the class booklets, click here.